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Title: Paul6/29/2016 1:37:28 PM
Want to order sesame tofu. Can't find on menu. Want fried rice with everything and extra snowpeas in lo mein. Would like to pick up about 5:40. Any questions, call 292-2202. Thanks

Title: 2019/3/14 9:49:45
Hello. I placed an order today through your website and paid for it with my credit card. When I called to confirm the order, the gentleman who answered the phone was unable to understand me and told me, after much frustration, to call back in one hour. I had no idea if my order would be processed and I had no way to cancel the charges. My husband and I had to make other arrangements for lunch. An hour an a half after the order was placed, our food arrived. I was unable to speak to the delivery person as I was on the phone with my doctor, so I took the food and signed the slip. I did not leave a tip--something I would never otherwise do, but I was so upset. The food was fine, so thank you for that, but I will not be ordering from your store again.

Title: 2019/1/28 22:10:59
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Title: 2018/6/19 15:49:46
My name is David, I work with all BentoBox customers in Delaware If you're unfamiliar, here at BentoBox, we design websites exclusively for restaurants that make an impactful first impression for potential guests with one goal in mind: converting more of your web traffic into paying customers. Again, our whole business is exclusively hospitality focused. Our websites include a restaurant-specific backend that makes updating content like menu items, photos, news, and more extremely easy. I'd love to chat about different ways we can help you. Please let me know if you have a second this week or early next to connect for a quick 5-10-minute call. I'd be happy to accommodate your schedule - my number is (917) 338-7798 If it's easier, below you'll find a link directly to my calendar and you can schedule a time that best accommodates you.

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